Each day our body is exposed to a variety of toxins and chemicals from air pollutants, cosmetics, household products and processed foods. Furthermore, having an unbalanced diet, high in saturated fats, sugars, caffeine, alcohol, grains and dairy can put undue strain on our organs and can prevent them from functioning properly, causing our body to retain toxins. The result is often dull, lifeless skin, prone to breakouts and blemishes. In order to give your skin a helping hand and detoxify your body, try incorporating some of these fantastic detoxifying beverages into your daily routine.

Detoxifying Green Smoothie

This smoothie, unlike many green smoothies you might find on the menu at your local café, is a powerful detoxifying drink and is not for the faint hearted. As excess sugar can impede the detoxification process, this smoothie does not taste as sweet as typical smoothies, but the wholesome flavour will soon grow on you. This smoothie harnesses the natural detoxifying powers of mint, lemon and ginger and the soothing and moisturising properties of cucumber to create a skin boosting smoothie.

Ingredients (makes one serve)

  • 400mls water
  • Juice of half a lemon
  • One teaspoon finely chopped ginger
  • Half a cucumber, peeled and chopped
  • 1/8 cup of mint
  • Ice

Simply blend all the ingredients together to enjoy this detoxifying smoothie.

Skin Detox Tea

There are many pre-made skin detox teas available on the market, but you can also easily make your own detox tea at home. This recipe uses green tea which is packed full of antioxidants as a base and contains paprika, lemon, honey and cinnamon which all have unique and powerful benefits to the skin while also aiding detoxification.


  • One cup green tea
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • A dash of fresh lemon juice
  • A pinch of cinnamon
  • A pinch of paprika

Once you have brewed a cup of green tea, simply add the honey, lemon juice, cinnamon and paprika.

Liver Detox Water

This incredibly simple beverage is a fantastic liver detox tonic. Drinking this frequently can help your body eliminate toxins more efficiently, ultimately resulting in clearer, healthier skin.


  • 1 glass of warm water
  • 2 teaspoons of raw, organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar
  • The juice of half a lemon

Simply combine all the ingredients and drink first thing in the morning to kick-start your digestion and help your body eliminate toxins. If the flavour is too strong for you, try decreasing the amount of apple cider vinegar and lemon initially, then gradually working your way back up to the full concentration.


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