Lana B.

Need to let you know about an amazing product I have discovered it is called JIV.ELAN. WOW.
Since I turned 40 I have been unable to find a good facial scrub that doesn’t dry out my skin but still gives it a nice clean feel.
After using JIV.ELAN face scrub I noticed the difference straight away.
This product unlike others left my skin feeling soft, smooth and well hydrated it’s a must have LOVE IT.
I also purchased the JIV.ELAN moisturiser & eye cream .I love the easy to apply applicator just one pump and you have all you need to moisturise you whole face.
After applying JIV.ELAN moisturiser to my face I notice my skin to feel more smooth and supple .
THANK YOU JIV.ELAN now I have the confidence to apply my makeup to my healthy glowing skin.

Lana B. Hairdresser