Fiona R.

Thank you for inviting me to try JIV.ELAN products and have the mini facial – my skin is great! I have sensitive skin, and the products have been gentle and soothing, with no reaction at all! My skin is looking great, and the tone is smoother than before I came to you.

I was a little concerned that the Vitamin C face serum and Face Elixir Oil would be too oily for my skin (especially my oily T zone), but both products are light and easily absorbed, and I have noticed my skin has begun to even out across my face (not as oily in the T zone, not as dry on my cheeks).

The Intensive Eye Cream is also light and easily absorbed, and the skin around and under my eyes is looks smooth.

Finally, the Face Tonic is a great gentle exfoliant for my skin. I’m still trying to work out the best routine (every second or third day), but my complexion appears clearer because of the regular exfoliation – I’ve always been wary of exfoliants causing irritation, but no sign of that with your Face Tonic.

I’m very happy with the products and the results I’m getting, I will definitely be replacing them when I run out!

Fiona R.