Anna C. Beauty Therapist

Using JIV.ELAN skincare range was just wonderful, each product embodies exactly what you want from them, they feel good on application, are versatile and awaken the senses with their amazing aromas. You can feel and smell the natural purity of the ingredients used.

I received lots of compliments from the clients during and after their treatments. As a beauty therapist it is vital that you enjoy and believe the products you are using and with JIV.ELAN skincare products have that, having tried and tested them myself and on clients.

For me my favourite products are the Purifying Face Cleansing Gel for its lovely silky gel to milk consistency, which can be used as a cleanser, and face mask and the Antioxidant Boost Face Cream Day & Night for its lovely smell and its immediate nourishment to the skin.

Anna Czerski, Beauty Therapist