Why it pays to police your lotions & potions

By Alexandra Richards

These days it pays to be extra careful when choosing which product to use on your face.

Why? Because despite pretty packaging and celebrity endorsements, many skin creams, cleansers, moisturizers and the like are not as safe as their makers proclaim, according to research on ingredients they contain.

And when you consider that we absorb about 60 per cent of what we put on our skin, it is well worth seeking out products that do […]


It’s easy to lose the true meaning of Fresh in today’s world.

However when I was creating the JIV.ELAN range, I wanted to make sure the word Fresh had a true meaning and eventually it has become the core of everything I do.
Fresh allows me to source the best active ingredients nature has to offer from some of the most special places from around the world.
Fresh is my system of making the best botanical skincare using […]

“I have looked into the smallest crevices of the world to bring you the best botanical active ingredients”

Special ingredients are found in the wild & lush lands of the Amazonian forest, through to the hot & dry Mexican desert; from America’s bountiful country to abundant tropical Africa; from Jordanian deserts and the Dead Sea to the magnificent European forests complimented by their four distinct seasons and also from the icy cold unpredictable mountains of the Himalayas. From the diversity of nature in Asia which is complimented by its thousands of years of […]


For me, Botanical meant making a skincare range based on ingredients from Mother Nature. That includes everything from the ingredients that make up the cream right to using the very best actives in the world – and even using natural preservatives and special essential oils.

Botanical is the opposite of chemical for me. There are no lab-created harsh chemicals in any of my JIV.ELAN products unless they are clinically proven to enhance the skin, like my […]

I believe everything we need to make us more beautiful lies with Mother Nature.


I once heard someone say, “Beauty doesn’t happen by accident” and weren’t they right?!

I believe Beauty is understanding that it is relative to your age. That is why you will see my Signature Skincare Range separated into age groups instead of skin types. Skin types will change over time and my skincare range manages your ‘Age Look’ by constantly enhancing the Beauty you were born with.
“A Botanical skincare range that inspires Beauty needs to work in […]

My Way.

Some global corporations work with mass producing skincare and distributing it throughout the world only to have their products sit on shelves for up to 2 years before they’re sold.

This is a good model for maximising profits because it has worked for decades.

Sometime by being small, products can be produced from a place where they are cared and nurtured for. Being small has allowed me to make something different and make it in a different […]

I don’t make products to sit on shelves for years – I make them to be used as quickly as possible.


Nature: The secret to beautiful skin

Caring for your skin is important at any age. But as we enter our late 30s and beyond, what we choose to put on our faces becomes more critical than ever.


This is the time when changes in our skin that have been occurring for years start becoming noticeably visible. Subtle at first, those fine lines that suddenly appeared seemingly overnight become harder to keep at bay.


The reason why is largely due to the wearing away […]