For me, Botanical meant making a skincare range based on ingredients from Mother Nature. That includes everything from the ingredients that make up the cream right to using the very best actives in the world – and even using natural preservatives and special essential oils.

Botanical is the opposite of chemical for me. There are no lab-created harsh chemicals in any of my JIV.ELAN products unless they are clinically proven to enhance the skin, like my amazing peptides – this is because I never wanted these harsh chemicals to be absorbed by your skin.

Botanical has meant ‘adventure’ for me. I have had to search the whole of the world for the best active ingredients – and I’ve done it. They now all exist in my creams and serums, which I adore.

I have been able to use and blend some ingredients, which are not readily available because of my Fresh process.

I don’t make products to sit on shelves for years – I make them to be used as quickly as possible – I want to be sure that when you hear me say my products are Botanical, they truly are the result of the best Mother Nature has to offer – directly from Mother Nature.

I believe everything we need to make us more beautiful lies with Mother Nature, and after all…

We are all a part of Mother Nature.