Anti Wrinkle Creams by JIV.ELAN

Why are moisturisers so important?

Moisture supply is a simple and effective anti-ageing strategy, which delivers smoother,
tighter looking skin and slows premature ageing.

Dehydrated skin compromises skin’s immune functioning and causes it to look older and more wrinkled. Daily moisturising is vital for healthy skin and helps the skin to stay young.
By moisturising every day, you can reduce the chance developing extreme dryness or oiliness.

Botanical ingredients and peptides in this collection rejuvenate the skin
and provide optimum hydration for healthier, firmer and glowing looking skin.   

JIV.ELAN’s range of anti wrinkle products can help the skin look healthy, toned and lifted.

Investing in quality anti wrinkle creams enhances skin’s resilience, smoothness, firmness and elasticity and help to decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Our range of anti-wrinkle creams aims to rejuvenate and regain skin elasticity and firmness, keep your skin deeply hydrated, healthy and glowing.