The Essence of JIV.ELAN

“I wanted to develop a skincare range that brought about the essence of everything that is beautiful around us – in doing so I found the name JIV.ELAN” – Nikki V.

The word “JIVA” comes from Hinduism and describes the immortal essence of every living organism – human, animal and plant. The word “ELAN” means a distinctive elegance.

The word  JIV.ELAN, is Nikki’s creation, bringing together everything that represents Beauty in Nature.

Nikki V created JIV.ELAN because of a deep belief that truly effective skincare products could only be created by harnessing the strength and healing powers of the natural botanical ingredients provided by Mother Nature.

She was motivated by seeing the expensive skin care products which sat on the shelves of department stores for months. She questioned how these products could possibly contain fresh, active botanical ingredients if they were stored on shelves for so long.

While she was travelling in Bali, practicing meditation in Ubud, Nikki experienced a connection with the healing, nurturing energy of the nature surrounding her.

She became aware of the strength of Mother Nature and the essence of beauty in nature.

This experience inspired Nikki to create a range of skincare products that embodied the healing and nourishing properties of Mother Nature.

Her dedication to creating beautiful, natural products which produced exceptional skincare results meant that the process was lengthy.

Over a period of three years of skincare product development, Nikki developed 500 products from thousands of different formulas and blends using fresh, natural botanicals.

Nikki’s travels have allowed JIV.ELAN to source the best botanical ingredients from the smallest and most remote crevices of the planet.

JIV.ELAN has steered clear of large production lines and developed a method of micro batching allowing me to make the freshest natural skin care products available. Fresh ingredients are fundamental to the philosophy of JIV.ELAN.

I really love what I have made and that it has come from such a special place for me. I hope you do too.

Nikki V

CEO & Founder –
JIV.ELAN Skincare Products.


My love & passion for nature’s miracle ingredients have moved me to create a range of special botanical anti-ageing products, which just makes women feel & look more beautiful … naturally.

The range has been inspired by the strength of beauty inherent in nature just like how a Lotus flower can blossom beautifully in the harshest of conditions.

Nature’s inherent resilience to remain beautiful and to outshine in dry, difficult and polluted environments inspired me to apply the same agents in formulating a special range of anti ageing products for today’s harsh environment.