The Essence of JIV.ELAN

“I wanted to develop a skincare range that brought together the
essence of the beauty in nature around us.”—Nikki Lambrinos, JIV.ELAN founder.

My love and passion for nature’s amazing ingredients inspired me to create a range of botanical skincare products that make women feel and look more beautiful … naturally.

We hand blend all our products in micro batches, and steer clear of large-scale production lines.
We make the freshest botanical skincare products available today.

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I have gathered the best botanical active ingredients from around the world.


I make small, hand blended batches, to keep every product fresh and active..


I have formulated the best blends, after years of careful, intensive scientific research.


my story


Inspiration Statement

My love and passion for nature’s amazing ingredients have moved me to create a range of unique botanical anti-ageing products, which just makes women feel & look more beautiful … naturally.

The range has been inspired by the strength of beauty inherent in nature just like how a Lotus flower can blossom beautifully in the harshest of conditions.

Nature’s inherent resilience to remain beautiful and to outshine in dry, difficult and polluted environments inspired me to apply the same agents in formulating a special range of anti ageing products for today’s harsh and polluted environment.

After all, we are all part of Mother Nature.

Product Statement

The best quality botanical active ingredients that nature has to offer have been sourced from every secret corner the Earth has to offer.

JIV.ELAN unique ingredients are found in the wild & lush lands of the Amazonian forest, through to the hot & dry Mexican desert; from America’s bountiful country to abundant tropical Africa; from Jordanian deserts and the Dead Sea to the magnificent European forests complimented by their four distinct seasons and also from the icy cold unpredictable mountains of the Himalayas. From the diversity of nature in Asia which is complemented by its thousands of years of Chinese herbal medicine; as well as from the snowy & cold regions of Siberia and the very deep cold waters of Atlantic Ocean through to the gorgeous diverse native Australian’s trees, plants & fruits.

Every region on this Planet has they own unique miracles in its plants, trees, flowers, algae and herbs.

These ingredients are selected so that they deliver the highest BOTANICAL potency; they are specially blended and delivered FRESH to achieve their maximum BEAUTY benefits.

I am so grateful to our planet Earth that it provides us all with these unique minerals and plants that can heal us or simply indulge our Body & Soul in it. Nikki V.


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Through my sincere passion & love for nature, JIV.ELAN was born.
JIV.ELAN is made up from…

JIVA is Hindu – and is the vital energy of LIFE and the immortal essence and soul of all living organisms.

ELAN – This is the distinctive & stylish vigorous SPIRIT of the soul

JIV.ELAN brings together the soul and timeless beauty of nature.

,, We can not stop ageing but we can live our life to feel & look younger.” Nikki V. Lambrinos

I love what I have made with JIV.ELAN, and that it comes from such a special place for me. I hope you love it too.


Nikki V. Lambrinos
CEO and Founder – JIV.ELAN Botanical Skincare